100 Days of A&S Challenge – Part 2

In my last post, 100 Days of A&S Challenge, I summarized what I had done for the challenge for days 1-27. Now I am back to summarize days 28-50, including more kumihimo, tablet weaving, hand sewing, and applique.

I finished the 3rd kumihimo cord as a replacement cord for my silver crescent medallion. Then I made a 4th but messed up on the length. So it is short but I’ll figure out a use for it. If nothing else, it was good practice.


Of course, I did more tablet weaving. (Because, have string, will play.) I completed the laurel leaves fillet and delivered it to whom it belonged.


And I made more A&S tokens – 6 more.


I did a little more reading on the history of handlooms. Not much but every little bit builds my knowledge.

And just recently, I warped a loom with a new tablet weaving project, which will probably be for donation.

2017-06-20 22.59.18


I also did some projects that were either new to me or unpracticed to me. These included hand sewing some hems on a piece of garb and applique using the blanket stitch to embellish a piece of garb. This would be for my new Palio garb.


I loved the finished product but I may still add more embellishment for next year.

2017-06-17 15.17.35


And, last but not least, I displayed my A&S work at this same event – Palio di Stonemarche.



Stay tuned for Part 3: Days 51-75. Coming in a few weeks.


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