100 Days of A&S Challenge – Part 3

I have now passed the three-quarter mark in this challenge. Here is a summary of what I did for days 51-75. This quarter of the challenge included more weaving, more kumihimo, painting pottery, making weaving cards, displaying my work at GNEW, and research and discussion on documentation.

On the weaving front, I warped two more looms and began weaving three projects. These projects include an orange piece of trim which will most likely be donated, this year’s Baronessa’s Champion garters, and a 3/1 Twill warp to play around with.

Since I was running short on the right sized cards, I made some more weaving tablets.


I completed another kumihimo cord (#5 since beginning this challenge) which became the cord for a silver crescent necklace,
2017-07-08 16.21.26

and began a new one (#6). Up until now, I have only done 8-strand cords. This one is a 12-strand cord. I am amazed at the difference those 4 cords make. And I absolutely love the affect.

2017-07-15 20.58.00


In late June, I went to a fundraiser at Time to Clay, to help out a good friend. I had a great time!

The following weekend, I picked up the finished product.

2017-07-01 15.25.59


I had another chance to display my work in the A&S Display at the Great Northeastern War (GNEW) a couple of weekends ago. (The shield in the back of this picture belongs to the display that was next to mine.)


It is my desire to add better documentation to my display in the near future.

And, finally, I spent some time with my Laurel discussing how to document my work. This led to lots of time looking at pictures in a wonderful book, Florence Art and Architecture.


That’s about it for now. Stay tuned for the final part next month, following Pennsic.


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