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Another Birka . . . and Surprise!!

A Market Day at Birka 2018 was personally one of the best Birka’s I’ve been to in years. It’s a huge event that takes many, many hands to run. So I try to do my part each year to help out. In recent years this has meant one or two shifts at gate, coordinating/collecting/putting together gift bags/baskets from the Barony of Stonemarche to the attending royalty, and playing head retainer/chief of staff for Their Excellencies Stonemarche. I also usually try to display my art at the A&S Display. Most years, this has kept me busy with little time for anything else.

This year, I somehow managed to schedule my duties in a way that left me time to do most of the things that I was hoping to do while still doing my part to help.

I set up a display in the A&S room. Later in the day, I hung out there for a bit.

2018-01-27 14.12.14


I had time to do some shopping. I brought home an Oseberg loom with cards, comb, shuttle, and beater. I also bought 4 other shuttles and some yellow and blue linen thread.


I was also able to spend a little time with a friend who I don’t get to see very often.

Then it was time for court. First, Baronial court. Their Excellencies, Dorio and Jocelyn, gave out a number of well-deserved awards. Winners of tourneys and the fashion show were announced. And a new Baronial award for children, the Tabula Rasa, received its primary recipients – three of the Barony’s youth, all very deserving. They were each given a blank wax tablet for their induction into this new order.

Next came Kingdom court. Their Majesties took care of many pieces of business including many AoA’s, other higher awards, a knighting which included a marriage proposal, and several Tyger’s Cubs done in a very special way. And we can’t forget the kids chasing after the toy chest which was being carried by Her Majesty Helga, Queen of the West.

But one piece of business stood above all else for me, because it was personal to me.

Their Majesties had me called into court, spoke some kind words to me, and then made me a court baroness. The scroll was read and the circlet I was wearing was replaced with a coronet. Since then, I have received many congratulations and everyone keeps calling me Your Excellency. (That is going to take me a while to get used to.)


Although the things I do for my Barony and my Kingdom are not done in order to get recognition, it still feels great to know that what I do is appreciated.




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