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Events: Embroidery Schola

This past weekend (Saturday, 2/24/18), I attended the 5th Annual Embroidery Schola held at the Camelot Common House in Berlin, MA. Many thanks go to my friends, Astridr and Alric, for allowing me to hitch a ride with them. I’m sure I would have just stayed home if I had had to drive down by myself.

While this is the 5th year that this event has been held, it is the first time I have managed to make it to it. I’m very glad I went.

The event consisted of a number of embroidery classes, a potluck lunch, hanging out with friends, and an Athena’s Thimble meeting. I went to two classes – Thread Play and Introduction to Klosterstitch.

2018-02-25 14.19.03

Thread Play, taught by Elizabet Marshall, was about the different types of embroidery threads and provided samples and hands-on time. I tried out two of the threads during class and look forward to trying out the rest at home.

2018-02-25 14.24.30

Introduction to Klosterstitch, taught by Jeanne de Robin, was about the different types of Klosterstitch tapestries and showed us how the stitch is done. Supplies were provided for us to try our hand at it. Although I did not get past tracing the design on the fabric, I do intend to try out the stitch at home in the coming days.

2018-02-25 14.25.51

At the end of the day, Athena’s Thimble held a meeting. Several artists paneled pieces of their art. Thanks to the encouragement of Astridr, I decided to panel my blackwork chessboard for working knowledge.


It was a great day hanging out with friends, learning new things, and making the jump into Athena’s Thimble. I hope I get to do it again next year!!





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