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Events: Hrim Schola

On Saturday, March 17, 2018, I was able to attend Hrim Schola – a schola dedicated to fiber arts. The event was held in Middlefield, CT. Many classes were offered along with a delicious dayboard and space to hang out with friends.

2018-03-21 09.02.34

I went to two classes. The first was Elizabethan Gold Braid Stitches. I think I was just getting the hang of it at the end of class. Hopefully, I’ll pick it up again soon before I forget what to do.


The second was Beginning Sprang. Many years ago, I took a class on Sprang at Pennsic. But I haven’t done it since. So I took this class to remind me of how it is done. I now remember how much I enjoyed doing sprang and hope to do more soon. I also loved the emphasis the teacher put on being able to use anything as your loom.


I got to do some tablet-weaving while hanging out with some of my favorite people – Baron Dorio, Lady Astridr, Lady Deirdre, Lady Fionnghualla, and my Laurel, Mistress Mirabel. I was so excited to hang out with my Laurel at an event since real life had pulled her away from SCA events for the last several years! It’s great to see her back.

Hrim Schola is a favorite schola event for me since it is all about fiber and I love to play with string!! I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.


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