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Events: Embroidery Schola

This past weekend (Saturday, 2/24/18), I attended the 5th Annual Embroidery Schola held at the Camelot Common House in Berlin, MA. Many thanks go to my friends, Astridr and Alric, for allowing me to hitch a ride with them. I’m sure I would have just stayed home if I had had to drive down by myself.

While this is the 5th year that this event has been held, it is the first time I have managed to make it to it. I’m very glad I went.

The event consisted of a number of embroidery classes, a potluck lunch, hanging out with friends, and an Athena’s Thimble meeting. I went to two classes – Thread Play and Introduction to Klosterstitch.

2018-02-25 14.19.03

Thread Play, taught by Elizabet Marshall, was about the different types of embroidery threads and provided samples and hands-on time. I tried out two of the threads during class and look forward to trying out the rest at home.

2018-02-25 14.24.30

Introduction to Klosterstitch, taught by Jeanne de Robin, was about the different types of Klosterstitch tapestries and showed us how the stitch is done. Supplies were provided for us to try our hand at it. Although I did not get past tracing the design on the fabric, I do intend to try out the stitch at home in the coming days.

2018-02-25 14.25.51

At the end of the day, Athena’s Thimble held a meeting. Several artists paneled pieces of their art. Thanks to the encouragement of Astridr, I decided to panel my blackwork chessboard for working knowledge.


It was a great day hanging out with friends, learning new things, and making the jump into Athena’s Thimble. I hope I get to do it again next year!!





In Review: January 2018 (A.S. LII)

I am going to try to start a monthly post showing my work from the previous month, including in-progress, completed, and displayed. These posts will likely be mostly pictures, but might include some explanations and/or documentation.

Here is what I completed, worked on, and displayed during the month of January.

Completed step 1 of another block on my blackwork chessboard.

Wove a donation band which I made into bookmarks. Seven bookmarks went into gift bags from the Barony of Stonemarche to the royalty attending A Market Day at Birka.

A protege belt made from perle cotton using two shades of yellow. Design taken from Here Be Drolleries by Nancy Spies; p. 79; 2nd pattern from the top. Based on the Russian Golden Doors, Cathedral of the Nativity, Suzdal, Russia. 13th century. 

2018-01-27 14.12.14

My fiber arts display at A Market Day at Birka.

SCA Events

Another Birka . . . and Surprise!!

A Market Day at Birka 2018 was personally one of the best Birka’s I’ve been to in years. It’s a huge event that takes many, many hands to run. So I try to do my part each year to help out. In recent years this has meant one or two shifts at gate, coordinating/collecting/putting together gift bags/baskets from the Barony of Stonemarche to the attending royalty, and playing head retainer/chief of staff for Their Excellencies Stonemarche. I also usually try to display my art at the A&S Display. Most years, this has kept me busy with little time for anything else.

This year, I somehow managed to schedule my duties in a way that left me time to do most of the things that I was hoping to do while still doing my part to help.

I set up a display in the A&S room. Later in the day, I hung out there for a bit.

2018-01-27 14.12.14


I had time to do some shopping. I brought home an Oseberg loom with cards, comb, shuttle, and beater. I also bought 4 other shuttles and some yellow and blue linen thread.


I was also able to spend a little time with a friend who I don’t get to see very often.

Then it was time for court. First, Baronial court. Their Excellencies, Dorio and Jocelyn, gave out a number of well-deserved awards. Winners of tourneys and the fashion show were announced. And a new Baronial award for children, the Tabula Rasa, received its primary recipients – three of the Barony’s youth, all very deserving. They were each given a blank wax tablet for their induction into this new order.

Next came Kingdom court. Their Majesties took care of many pieces of business including many AoA’s, other higher awards, a knighting which included a marriage proposal, and several Tyger’s Cubs done in a very special way. And we can’t forget the kids chasing after the toy chest which was being carried by Her Majesty Helga, Queen of the West.

But one piece of business stood above all else for me, because it was personal to me.

Their Majesties had me called into court, spoke some kind words to me, and then made me a court baroness. The scroll was read and the circlet I was wearing was replaced with a coronet. Since then, I have received many congratulations and everyone keeps calling me Your Excellency. (That is going to take me a while to get used to.)


Although the things I do for my Barony and my Kingdom are not done in order to get recognition, it still feels great to know that what I do is appreciated.




100 Days of A&S Challenge – Part 3

I have now passed the three-quarter mark in this challenge. Here is a summary of what I did for days 51-75. This quarter of the challenge included more weaving, more kumihimo, painting pottery, making weaving cards, displaying my work at GNEW, and research and discussion on documentation.

On the weaving front, I warped two more looms and began weaving three projects. These projects include an orange piece of trim which will most likely be donated, this year’s Baronessa’s Champion garters, and a 3/1 Twill warp to play around with.

Since I was running short on the right sized cards, I made some more weaving tablets.


I completed another kumihimo cord (#5 since beginning this challenge) which became the cord for a silver crescent necklace,
2017-07-08 16.21.26

and began a new one (#6). Up until now, I have only done 8-strand cords. This one is a 12-strand cord. I am amazed at the difference those 4 cords make. And I absolutely love the affect.

2017-07-15 20.58.00


In late June, I went to a fundraiser at Time to Clay, to help out a good friend. I had a great time!

The following weekend, I picked up the finished product.

2017-07-01 15.25.59


I had another chance to display my work in the A&S Display at the Great Northeastern War (GNEW) a couple of weekends ago. (The shield in the back of this picture belongs to the display that was next to mine.)


It is my desire to add better documentation to my display in the near future.

And, finally, I spent some time with my Laurel discussing how to document my work. This led to lots of time looking at pictures in a wonderful book, Florence Art and Architecture.


That’s about it for now. Stay tuned for the final part next month, following Pennsic.


100 Days of A&S Challenge – Part 2

In my last post, 100 Days of A&S Challenge, I summarized what I had done for the challenge for days 1-27. Now I am back to summarize days 28-50, including more kumihimo, tablet weaving, hand sewing, and applique.

I finished the 3rd kumihimo cord as a replacement cord for my silver crescent medallion. Then I made a 4th but messed up on the length. So it is short but I’ll figure out a use for it. If nothing else, it was good practice.


Of course, I did more tablet weaving. (Because, have string, will play.) I completed the laurel leaves fillet and delivered it to whom it belonged.


And I made more A&S tokens – 6 more.


I did a little more reading on the history of handlooms. Not much but every little bit builds my knowledge.

And just recently, I warped a loom with a new tablet weaving project, which will probably be for donation.

2017-06-20 22.59.18


I also did some projects that were either new to me or unpracticed to me. These included hand sewing some hems on a piece of garb and applique using the blanket stitch to embellish a piece of garb. This would be for my new Palio garb.


I loved the finished product but I may still add more embellishment for next year.

2017-06-17 15.17.35


And, last but not least, I displayed my A&S work at this same event – Palio di Stonemarche.



Stay tuned for Part 3: Days 51-75. Coming in a few weeks.


100 Days of A&S Challenge

Just under a month ago, on May 2nd, a friend pointed out a challenge she found and asked if anyone wanted to join her. The challenge was made by Baroness Ameline of Rowany from the Kingdom of Lochac and can be found at

Basically, the challenge is to do A&S every day for at least 10 minutes per day for 100 days in a row. If you miss a day, you start over at day 1. Since A&S is one of my favorite parts of the SCA, I accepted the challenge. And since I was about to start weaving when I read about the challenge, I decided to begin that very night. I am now on day 27.

I am going to showcase what I have accomplished over the past 27 days, thanks to this challenge.

I reacquainted myself with the art of kumihimo and am now working on my 3rd cord since starting the challenge.


I finished this year’s three Baron’s Champion garters.


With the extra warp left over from the above champion garters, I have woven six A&S tokens, with more to come, for giving out at A&S displays.


I have also been working on another weaving project — a laurel leaves fillet.

2017-05-03 10.51.22


I started a project to spiffy up a new piece of garb by embroidering chain stitch around the collar and the sleeves, with more to come.


I also spent a little time reading up on the handloom. I hope to do a bit more reading in the coming months.


This challenge has already helped me to commit more to A&S. And I am loving the progress that I am seeing. A little bit each day goes a long way toward progress and often leads to more time given to projects each day.



Tablet Weaving Continues

After a couple of months of weaving like crazy for Birka, I needed a break. So I slowed down a bit but I didn’t stop. Since Birka, I completed this piece of trim to be donated where needed.


This piece was made with 60/2 silk using a 4 forward, 4 back turning pattern. It is about 1/2 inch wide and 111 inches long. The pattern was taken from A Tablet Weaver’s Pattern Book, p. 68, pattern 52.1. It took me about 15.5 hours to complete.

Two other tablet-weaving projects have been started but not yet completed. More on these once I complete them.


Most of my crafting time has gone toward weaving. However, I have done a little bit of embroidery on favors. And some researching, including museum visits while visiting Italy last month.

Now it’s time to get back to the hands-on. Be back soon with more updates.