In Review: May 2018

On May 1st, I started another round of the 100 Days of A&S challenge. This is round 2 for me. Just to review, this is a challenge to do at least 10 minutes of A&S each day for 100 days. If you miss a day, you start over at Day 1. I have not missed any days since May 1st, so far.

Here is what I accomplished in May 2018:

Finished the kumihimo cord that I started in April.

2018-05-31 21.21.38


Finished the block I was working on for my blackwork chessboard.


Held Weaving Circle with 4 or 5 people in attendance.

Started and finished a bridal garter for my daughter for her wedding.


Continued tablet weaving the band I began in April.

2018-05-01 21.20.35


Did some reading on the history of embroidery, bought an embroidery pattern for a sweet bag, and began prepping for a largesse project.

That about does it for May. See you next month!!



In Review: April 2018

My art accomplishments for April 2018.

As I spent the first week of April on vacation and part of the month was spent getting ready for my daughter’s May wedding, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. But here is what I did do.

While not actually period, I’ve noticed a lot of people crochet things for SCA. So I thought I would include this project in my blog. I crocheted a hat for myself, designing it for my comfort.


I started weaving Egyptian Diagonals.

2018-04-15 16.24.24

I worked some more on my blackwork chessboard.

I set up and started a new 12-strand kumihimo strand.

2018-04-20 17.37.44

I spent a day at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and another day at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I’ve been to both in the past but had forgotten how many tapestries were at the Isabella Gardner. I really enjoyed my visits to both museums.

I warped another loom with a 4F4B threaded-in pattern to make either trim or garters. No pictures of the warping, though.

And I attended a Queen’s Favor making workshop. No pictures of this, either, unfortunately.

That’s about it for April. May is looking to be another busy month for me but I’ll see what I can get done for art.

See you next month!!



In Review: February 2018 (A.S. LII)

My art accomplishments for the month of February:

Warped up my new loom, bought at Birka, and began weaving on it.

Did steps 2 and 3 to complete the block in progress on my blackwork chessboard.

Held Weaving Circle where I began warping a loom. Finished warping later that week and then started tablet-weaving the band.

Attended the Embroidery Schola at Camelot in Berlin, MA.


I ordered and received new weaving books by Claudia Wollny. I have started reading Tablets At Work and am preparing to try a new technique.

Thus ends February – on to March.


SCA Events

Events: Embroidery Schola

This past weekend (Saturday, 2/24/18), I attended the 5th Annual Embroidery Schola held at the Camelot Common House in Berlin, MA. Many thanks go to my friends, Astridr and Alric, for allowing me to hitch a ride with them. I’m sure I would have just stayed home if I had had to drive down by myself.

While this is the 5th year that this event has been held, it is the first time I have managed to make it to it. I’m very glad I went.

The event consisted of a number of embroidery classes, a potluck lunch, hanging out with friends, and an Athena’s Thimble meeting. I went to two classes – Thread Play and Introduction to Klosterstitch.

2018-02-25 14.19.03

Thread Play, taught by Elizabet Marshall, was about the different types of embroidery threads and provided samples and hands-on time. I tried out two of the threads during class and look forward to trying out the rest at home.

2018-02-25 14.24.30

Introduction to Klosterstitch, taught by Jeanne de Robin, was about the different types of Klosterstitch tapestries and showed us how the stitch is done. Supplies were provided for us to try our hand at it. Although I did not get past tracing the design on the fabric, I do intend to try out the stitch at home in the coming days.

2018-02-25 14.25.51

At the end of the day, Athena’s Thimble held a meeting. Several artists paneled pieces of their art. Thanks to the encouragement of Astridr, I decided to panel my blackwork chessboard for working knowledge.


It was a great day hanging out with friends, learning new things, and making the jump into Athena’s Thimble. I hope I get to do it again next year!!





In Review: January 2018 (A.S. LII)

I am going to try to start a monthly post showing my work from the previous month, including in-progress, completed, and displayed. These posts will likely be mostly pictures, but might include some explanations and/or documentation.

Here is what I completed, worked on, and displayed during the month of January.

Completed step 1 of another block on my blackwork chessboard.

Wove a donation band which I made into bookmarks. Seven bookmarks went into gift bags from the Barony of Stonemarche to the royalty attending A Market Day at Birka.

A protege belt made from perle cotton using two shades of yellow. Design taken from Here Be Drolleries by Nancy Spies; p. 79; 2nd pattern from the top. Based on the Russian Golden Doors, Cathedral of the Nativity, Suzdal, Russia. 13th century. 

2018-01-27 14.12.14

My fiber arts display at A Market Day at Birka.