In Review: February 2019

After the push to get as much as possible done for Birka, I needed a break so I slowed down a bit for February. I did not, however, stop completely. I managed to get at least a minimal amount of arts done every day in February.

Here are the things I completed or worked on last month, both SCA and mundane.

I embroidered some more on three Queen’s favors that I had previously started. Reverse chain stitch was used to outline the V and split stitch was used on the flower petals on the middle favor shown.

2019-03-04 19.44.13


I made another set of weaving cards for my own use.



I have been crocheting for many years, off and on. This past November, I found some patterns for scrunchies inĀ Crochet One-Skein Wonders, a crochet book I own. They are crocheted around a store-bought hair elastic. Since they are quick and easy to make, I have been making a lot of them lately. I have also started to do my own thing with them, although they are still similar to the patterns in the book. This is one, done using orange and gray variegated yarn, I did in February.



This next project is a commission for a friend. It will be a special gift to someone special to my friend. For that reason, I will keep things vague here. I warped it with 60/2 silk and began the weaving in February. Although it will be finished shortly, it will likely be a while before I can show the finished product.

Kaylee's Wedding Garter-A


In addition to the previous commission piece, I also warped another loom. This piece will become silk trim that will likely go up for sale in my Etsy shop once it is done. [] It is warped with 60/2 silk and is a simple 4F4B pattern. I neglected to take a picture of it before I started weaving, which didn’t start until March. So you will have to wait until next month’s blog to see it.

The next piece is another crochet project which I found in the same book that I found the scrunchie patterns in. It is a water bottle holder and will be a gift to a friend of mine. This is the fourth water bottle holder I have made since finding the pattern and I tweaked the pattern a bit to my liking. It was made using black and gray acrylic yarn.

2019-02-18 14.09.33


That’s it for February. I’m off to play with string again. See you next month!!





In Review: January 2019

Let me first apologize for the gap in my posts. My husband (Baron Dorio of the Oaks) passed away unexpectedly in July and my life got flipped upside down. While producing artwork proved therapeutic to me, writing these blogs was more work than I could handle. He’s been gone six months now and moving forward is still hard. But I am ready to try to get back to blogging.

2018-01-27 21.02.40


For now, I am going to start with just the past month and write about my current work. However, I may try to write another post in the near future documenting the art I did during that gap in posts.

Throughout January, I worked on a variety of projects on 30 out of 31 days. Here are the projects I completed or worked on in no particular order.

This piece was started at the end of October but I finished it in January. I had two goals in mind for this piece: try a new-to-me method of weaving and make an apprentice belt that I can put up for sale. I chose to try structure weave because it went well with a single color belt that an apprentice belt should be. It was done using size 5 perle cotton in order to increase the width of the belt. It is 1 1/8 inch wide by 102 inches long.


I have been making my own weaving cards since I started tablet weaving. I decided to make a set for a friend for Christmas. This led me to the thought that I could make up sets to try to sell. So I made five more sets to put out at Birka. These cards are made from comic book/magazine backing boards. I color-coded the sides of three sets and left the other two sets free of color.

2019-02-04 16.57.17


This is the favor of Stonemarche’s new Baroness, Her Excellency Deirdre Planchet. I began working on it in December by outlining the weaver’s tablet in white DMC floss using a reverse chain stitch. In January, I filled the letter D in with red DMC floss using split stitch. The favor is still incomplete at this time with the holes still needing to be done, along with still needing to sew the favor into its final form.


I am also trying to complete some more Queen’s favors for Her Majesty Vienna de la Mer. I have sewn the fabric into favor form, traced the pattern onto the fabric, and have started to embroider my 2nd favor. I finished the embroidery on the 1st favor back in November but didn’t sew it into favor form until January.

2019-02-04 17.01.44


This piece of trim is a simple threaded-in pattern with a slight step up from the most basic pattern. Rather than the simple 4 forward/4 back turning sequence, this piece followed a slightly more complex turning sequence – 4 back/3 forward/3 back/4 forward. While it was on the loom, I decided it would be donated to the Birka Royal Gift bags to go into Her Highness Fortune’s bag. (Her Highness was proteged to my husband, and that connection compelled me to want her to receive a piece of my work.) This piece was done using 60/2 silk. It is 3/8 inch wide by 148 inches long.


This final piece of trim is a simple 4 forward/4 back, threaded-in pattern done using 20/2 silk. Silk is my favorite fiber to weave with but when the pattern calls for a low number of cards, 60/2 silk does not make for very wide trim. I recently figured out that I can do some of these patterns using 20/2 silk to produce a little bit wider piece of trim. This piece is 5/8 inch wide by 84 inches long.


That sums up my A&S work in January. I hope to get back on track with my monthly In Review posts, so stay tune for next month’s post.


In Review: May 2018

On May 1st, I started another round of the 100 Days of A&S challenge. This is round 2 for me. Just to review, this is a challenge to do at least 10 minutes of A&S each day for 100 days. If you miss a day, you start over at Day 1. I have not missed any days since May 1st, so far.

Here is what I accomplished in May 2018:

Finished the kumihimo cord that I started in April.

2018-05-31 21.21.38


Finished the block I was working on for my blackwork chessboard.


Held Weaving Circle with 4 or 5 people in attendance.

Started and finished a bridal garter for my daughter for her wedding.


Continued tablet weaving the band I began in April.

2018-05-01 21.20.35


Did some reading on the history of embroidery, bought an embroidery pattern for a sweet bag, and began prepping for a largesse project.

That about does it for May. See you next month!!



In Review: April 2018

My art accomplishments for April 2018.

As I spent the first week of April on vacation and part of the month was spent getting ready for my daughter’s May wedding, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. But here is what I did do.

While not actually period, I’ve noticed a lot of people crochet things for SCA. So I thought I would include this project in my blog. I crocheted a hat for myself, designing it for my comfort.


I started weaving Egyptian Diagonals.

2018-04-15 16.24.24

I worked some more on my blackwork chessboard.

I set up and started a new 12-strand kumihimo strand.

2018-04-20 17.37.44

I spent a day at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and another day at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I’ve been to both in the past but had forgotten how many tapestries were at the Isabella Gardner. I really enjoyed my visits to both museums.

I warped another loom with a 4F4B threaded-in pattern to make either trim or garters. No pictures of the warping, though.

And I attended a Queen’s Favor making workshop. No pictures of this, either, unfortunately.

That’s about it for April. May is looking to be another busy month for me but I’ll see what I can get done for art.

See you next month!!



In Review: March 2018

My art accomplishments for the month of March.

I continued and finished weaving the band started in February:


Worked some more on the double-face weaving on the Oseberg loom:

2018-03-14 11.11.33


Did some reading in Tablets At Work:

2018-02-23 14.07.22


Warped a loom for diagonals:


Did more embroidery on my green overdress, completing the design around the collar:

2018-03-15 22.39.47


Attended Hrim Schola where I took 2 classes – Elizabethan Gold Braid Stitches & Beginning Sprang:


In addition, I have read a bit in The Techniques of Sprang and held Weaving Circle.

Thus ends March – onto April.


SCA Events

Events: Hrim Schola

On Saturday, March 17, 2018, I was able to attend Hrim Schola – a schola dedicated to fiber arts. The event was held in Middlefield, CT. Many classes were offered along with a delicious dayboard and space to hang out with friends.

2018-03-21 09.02.34

I went to two classes. The first was Elizabethan Gold Braid Stitches. I think I was just getting the hang of it at the end of class. Hopefully, I’ll pick it up again soon before I forget what to do.


The second was Beginning Sprang. Many years ago, I took a class on Sprang at Pennsic. But I haven’t done it since. So I took this class to remind me of how it is done. I now remember how much I enjoyed doing sprang and hope to do more soon. I also loved the emphasis the teacher put on being able to use anything as your loom.


I got to do some tablet-weaving while hanging out with some of my favorite people – Baron Dorio, Lady Astridr, Lady Deirdre, Lady Fionnghualla, and my Laurel, Mistress Mirabel. I was so excited to hang out with my Laurel at an event since real life had pulled her away from SCA events for the last several years! It’s great to see her back.

Hrim Schola is a favorite schola event for me since it is all about fiber and I love to play with string!! I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.


In Review: February 2018 (A.S. LII)

My art accomplishments for the month of February:

Warped up my new loom, bought at Birka, and began weaving on it.

Did steps 2 and 3 to complete the block in progress on my blackwork chessboard.

Held Weaving Circle where I began warping a loom. Finished warping later that week and then started tablet-weaving the band.

Attended the Embroidery Schola at Camelot in Berlin, MA.


I ordered and received new weaving books by Claudia Wollny. I have started reading Tablets At Work and am preparing to try a new technique.

Thus ends February – on to March.